Cipta Tertiary Scholarship Foundation provides a one off RM3,000 fee remission from tuition fees in the every year of an undergraduate degree.

Eligible Requirements
To be considered for a fee remission scholarship you must :

(1) be a Sarawakian with valid Malaysian National Identification (NRIC)

(2) have received an undergraduate course offer from local University and study for the first year of University course.

(3) not have previously undertaken any tertiary studies (excluding extension studies completed as part of a SPM/STPM/STAM/Diploma programs)

(4) have achieved a merit final year school results from SPM/STPM/STAM/Diploma.

(5) with parent(s)/guardian with total monthly income less than RM3,000 or two family members are attending colleges/universities and parents with monthly income less than RM4,000 (Based on income tax or community leaders certified)

Applicants must submit an application form for this scholarship. Application form can be downloaded from Cipta Website under Scholarship column in English and Bahasa Malaysia Versions. Submit only one application form.

Application is to be submitted from 1st May to 31st October every year together with the documents as below:

Other attachments to be submitted for review are:
(1) Two (2) copies of recent photographs (Passport Size)
(2) Two (2) copies of photocopied Birth Certificate and Malaysian Identification card (NRIC)
(3) Two (2) copies of photocopied letter of acceptance by University and Student Card
(4) Two (2) copies of Academic Transcript from
(5) Details of University and degree course to be enrolled and year of course completion.
(6) Two (2) copies of parents' latest taxation Borang B and Borang BE (Certified true copy), Two (2) photocopies of receipts from Taxation Department (LHDN) and fill out Income Tax file number or community leaders of applicant's parents income verification letter.
(7) Two (2) photocopies of recent three (3) month bills such as electricity bill, water bill, telefon bill or equivalent.

All the applications will be reviewed by fund committees.

Cipta Tertiary Scholarship Foundation is awarded on the basis of academic merit other than eligible requirements stated.

Successful candidates will be notified via email, telecommunication within 4-6 weeks of the selection round being held.

Obligations of Qualified Applicants
Applicants must submit the academic transcript provided by University to the commission each semester.

It is applicants' obligation to inform the commission to terminate its scholarship if the applicants do not need further assistance from Cipta Tertiary Scholarship Foundation. The commission will transfer scholarship to assist other students in need.

In the following circumstances, Cipta Tertiary Scholarship Foundation Commission has the right to terminate candidate scholarship. Scholarship benefits may cease temporarily, or permanently, if the scholar is:
(1) not making satisfactory progress or fails in any units/subjects of course.
(2) expelled from University or education institution.
(3) changing course or changing University.
(4) ceases to be a full-time student.
(5) not submitting semester result to the commission every semester on time.