Cipta Tertiary Scholarship Foundation commission is successfully established by members of eight (8) persons in 2016. The fund source for this scholarship program is funded by Cipta Group of Companies. The permanent Chairman for Cipta Tertiary Scholarship is Dato Hii Poh Bing.

Our scholarship encourage access to higher education based on financial need and reward excellence based on academic merit.

Fund Committee Members:
Permanent President : Dato Hii Poh Bing

Member of Committees:
(1) Mr Lau Song Ting
(2) Mr Hii Si Hin
(3) Miss Hii Tung Ding
(4) Mr Humprey Hii Tung Jim
(5) Mr Abang Suhaili Bin Abang Mohamed
(6) Haji Junaidi Bin Bujang
(7) Majang Anak Renggi