Cipta Group's business philosophy are "Contributing back to what we have benefited from" and "Always cultivate talents". These have helped us to successfully established CIPTA TERTIARY SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION to assist more students from receiving higher education after high school.


The establishment of Cipta Tertiary Scholarship Foundation is to assist any ethnic groups of underprivileged students in Sarawak. This is to gain their opportunities to access to tertiary education for brighter future. The foundation is on Fee-Free Scholarship basis, therefore whoever qualified for the scholarship can complete their higher education without paying back any fees after graduated.


Cipta Tertiary Scholarship Foundation has planned to give 18 qualified applicants continuously each year. Each qualified applicants can receive RM3,000 yearly. This scholarship is opened for all Sarawakians to apply regardless any ethnics for entering into any universities in Malaysia.


This means that on average of four (4) years University course, after four years, there will be seventy- two(72) students in Sarawak who will benefit from the annual average of RM216,000,00 Scholarship fund.


The Scholarship commences from year 2016 and we believe that through our scholarship foundation, students from lower status and any ethnics families in Sarawak will have opportunities to access to university and nurture more professionals to build our country.



Dato Hii Poh Bing


President of Cipta Tertiary Scholarship Foundation