Group Corporate Manager & Managing Director of Cipta Property Developer Sdn Bhd

An excellent organizational ability combined with creativeness and the determination to carry out innovative projects quickly established Ms. Hii as an indispensable part of the Cipta Group and launched herself on top of Cipta Property Development.


For her professional development, Genevieve chose to achieve a Bachelor and Business Master's degree in an international environment and realized this objective in one of the top 10 ranked Universities in Australia for research, at the University of Tasmania.


Ms. Hii's professional career started in the Management section of Energy MNC, Reliance Petroleum, an Australian based company, where she was able to attain precious entrepreneurial knowledge for her future professional development.


Thereafter, she joined the Cipta Group where among other things she was a responsible element in the successful biomass pellet venture and as a consequence was appointed to represent the Cipta Group in several eco-related conferences in Malaysia. Genevieve's strong commitment to innovative projects and her meticulous approach of business ventures makes her the perfect Managing Director of the newly founded Property Development Corporation in East-Malaysia.