Corporate Director / Advisor

 of Cipta Group

Matthew's academic career started with a Diploma in Public Administration & Law, which he achieved in the Institute of Technology of MARA in 1977. He furthermore acquired entrepreneurial know-how attending several International Management courses in South East Asia and Europe.


His professional background was always determined by a strong bond with the Government of Malaysia in the region of Sarawak, working very early as a Project Officer for Malaysia Industrial Development Finance Berhad (MIDF) and afterwards as the area Manager of Sarawak for approximately 10 years.


At the final stage of his governmental career Mr. Jeno was nominated as the Vice President of the Ministry of International Trade and Finance (MITI) of Malaysia before his mandatory retirement.


Matthew's broad knowledge in legal matters, specifically related to local government policies have been of extreme value to Cipta Group's growth. Furthermore does his extensive network with all relevant governmental authorities in Sarawak make him an indispensable asset as the Head Financial Advisor of the Group.