Co-Founder / Chairman / Managing Director

 of Cipta Group

A strong entrepreneurial spirit and an excellent instinct for business have always been Mr. Hii's key for success and being the co-founder and leading force of Cipta Group of Companies, has elevated him to the prime elite of business men in East-Malaysia.


Mr. Hii has a background as a thermal engineer and started his impressive career in 1977 when working within the technical department of the multinational Petronas Group. Soon he understood that unused wood residues from sawmills would have a socio-economic value when transformed into a much required eco-commodity like charcoal briquettes. This was the start of the very successful Cipta Briquettes enterprise within the Cipta Group and the beginning of much more to come.


Mr. Hii once more understood economic global trends and founded Cipta Pellet with the objective to produce EFB pellets by making use of the abundance of oil palm residues in Malaysia and at the same time to contribute to climate change mitigation.


Mr. Hii's pioneering qualities lead to an exponential growth of the Cipta Group in only two decades, which nowadays count several factories in Asia and Europe, plantations and property developments, which makes him the indisputable leader of Cipta Group of Companies.