Our Group realize the importance of going 'green' not merely because it was a global trend of doing so but because it is imperative that a responsible company, especially those involved in energy or environmental related business activities such as our Group, must be actively engaged in the preservation of our environment whilst pursuing for a sustainable business growth. Our Group always ready to acknowledge the fact that what goes around comes around. Our Group despised the idea of one-off exploitation of the wealth provided from our natural environment. In fact, our mission is about creating a sustainable future, not destroying it.

To engrave our mission into our Group, we have taking the following steps to ensure our commitment to our vision:-


To further expand our renewable energy business sector i.e. biomass pellets;


To actively engaged in research and development efforts alongside MNC energy corporations around the world;


To actively seeking Joint Ventureship with local oil palm plantations to recover more empty fruit brunches (EFB) for recycling into renewable energy;


To actively promoting the use of renewable energy.