The history of Cipta Group can be traced back to 1989 when its founder, Dato Hii Poh Bing, first decided to start a boiler supplying company called Cipta Teknologi Sdn. Bhd in Sarawak, Malaysia after many years of working experience as boiler engineer with Asean Bintulu Fertilizers Sdn. Bhd.


In the 90's, the founder decided to use the name of Cipta to engage in briquetting business and Cipta Briquettes was again founded in 1997. It was the success of the briquetting business that lay solid foundation for the Group during those years where Cipta Briquettes Sdn. Bhd. had witnessed its transformation from local briquette producer into the region's leading exporter. Its products were being sold all over the world to countries like Japan, Greece, Turkey, Germany, United Kingdom and USA etc. The Group later also ventured into eco-friendly business through establishing Cipta Pellet Sdn. Bhd. in 2009 where its current main activity is biomass waste management through manufacturing biomass pellets from biomass waste such as oil palm empty fruit brunches and wood waste.

The Group also involved in oil palm plantation business since 2007 through Cipta Sawit Sdn. Bhd. and Cipta Agro Sdn. Bhd. Most of the company's plantation businesses are involved in Sarawak.

In 2011, the Group also started real estate development in Sarawak by establishing Cipta Property Developer Sdn. Bhd. The Group is focusing on both private and commercial projects such as Land acquisition, construction of condominium and shop houses at strategic areas in Sarawak.

The Group consists of seven companies at the moment and its business activities include technology service provider (Briquetting and pellet machineries), manufacturing, plantation as well as real estate.